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HealthLink offers a complete line of infection control products to meet your needs in the areas of hand care and surface care. All of our products are formulated to be safe, effective, and exceptionally user-friendly.

AG-group.jpg AloeGuard Antimicrobial Soap
AloeGuard is specially formulated with soothing, moisturizing Aloe Vera to protect your skin's delicate balance and with Chloroxylenol to provide the high antimicrobial efficacy necessary for personal protection and reduction of cross-contamination.

CitraStat_grapefruit_7179.jpg CitraStatRX Air Freshener
One spray and CITRASTATRX does exactly what its name implies...quickly stops and eliminates odors, leaving the air naturally fresh! Just a small amount covers a large area to create a positive relaxing environment.

EZ-Kill_7105.jpg EZ-KILL Disinfecting Wipes
For use on hard surfaces where control of cross contamination is required

GBG-group.jpg GBG AloeGel Instant Hand Sanitizer
GBG AloeGel is an instant hand sanitizer/antiseptic with moisturizers and skin conditioners. Containing 62% ethanol, it is designed to aid in the prevention of nosocomial infections without compromising the skin's integrity.

Infection control is an essential component of any health care delivery. Infection control measures can be as simple as hand washing and as sophisticated as high-level disinfection of surgical instruments. Implementing these measures can prevent transmission of disease in health care settings and the community.