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AG-group.jpg AloeGuard® Antimicrobial Soap
AloeGuard® is specially formulated with soothing, moisturizing Aloe Vera to protect your skin's delicate balance and with Chloroxylenol to provide the high antimicrobial efficacy necessary for personal protection and reduction of cross-contamination.

GBG-group.jpg GBG AloeGel® Instant Hand Sanitizer
GBG AloeGel® is an instant hand sanitizer/antiseptic with moisturizers and skin conditioners. Containing 62% ethanol, it is designed to aid in the prevention of nosocomial infections without compromising the skin's integrity.

AloeSoothe_7750.jpg AloeSoothe™ Moisturizing Lotion
AloeSoothe™ is a petroleum-free moisturizing lotion with Aloe! Helps prevent chapping and irritation caused by frequent handwashing and regular use of latex gloves. Specifically formulated for healthcare professionals.

Hand Care Products
HealthLink's hand care products are designed exclusively for the healthcare environment. Our hand care products are the finest quality available with many of them containing adequate amounts of AloeVera to help soothe your skin. Check out our newest product, GBG AloeGel® - an alcohol based instant hand sanitizer which kills the most common bacteria in 15 seconds.